Proof of Youth

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"I was raised mostly by my mom, and when I was younger I didn’t appreciate how hard it was for her to be a single parent. She had to take care of me and my brothers, work, and deal with everything in her own life too. She made a lot of sacrifices for us. I grew up in Parkdale and if you wanted to get involved in trouble, you could. Easily. There were times that I was pretty close to going down the wrong path, but she never let me. Respecting women was always implicit in my family because the head of our household was a strong woman. She was the boss and we all had reverence for that." Jordan Sowunmi

Maya Angelou once wrote that anger is like fire, “It burns all clean”. The same is true of good scotch. Scotch is intimidating. When the untrained sip it, the overwhelming flavours and rich burn consume them, pucker their lips, leaving them looking like a ninth grader who just downed their first Jägerbomb. Admittedly, getting into Scotch is hard. But, like baseball or sex, once you push through the initial confusion and awkward acclimatization period, it can be highly enjoyable.

“My all time hero is Julie Dumais. She is currently the Artistic Director of the Bad Dog Theatre Company, but previously she was the Regional Director of the Toronto tournament of the Canadian Improv Games. She is the kind of person who sees your potential before you see it in yourself and then nurtures it. She has had my back for more than ten years now. When I met her I was a fourteen-year-old doing really silly improv scenes about Harry Potter and she was like ‘Someday you’ll be an adult doing the exact same silly scenes and I support you in every choice you make’. She was one of the strong women I had around me growing up who led the way and showed me what I was capable of” - Alice Moran 
15. April 2014

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